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music of the renaissance

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Secular music

Royal festivities at the French courtFind out more

Royal festivities at the French court Show With music, singing, dancing and sumptuous costumes, Doulce Mémoire invite you to come and enjoy their evocation of such a celebration at the court of François I. A joyful, festive Renaissance event, with many surprises in store…

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Musics at the French courtFind out more

Musics at the French court Concert This concert recreates the daily atmosphere of the pleasant and charming life at the court of the King of France through the musical repertoire performed by two prestigious royal institutions “L’Ecurie” and “la Chambre du Roi”

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Cabezón the EuropeanFind out more

Cabezón the European Concert A colourful picture of music in Europe at the time of the Spanish Siglo d’Oro. Musics of Antonio de Cabezón (1510 - 1566)

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Le Printemps (Claude Lejeune)Find out more

Le Printemps (Claude Lejeune) Concert Doulce Mémoire aims to bring out all the immediacy and rhythmic power of this music, which still sounds modern today.

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Italian fricasséesFind out more

Italian fricassées Concert Our programme presents works that are rare, burlesque and sharp-witted performed here by singers-actors who are truly in their element with this genre.


French airs de courFind out more

French airs de cour Concert Doulce Mémoire Mémoire proposes some airs de cour and récits de ballets that were played in the salons of an aristocracy seeking refinement and good taste.

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Musics for Leonardo da VinciFind out more

Musics for Leonardo da Vinci Concert Doulce Mémoire follows Leonard de Vinci from city to city, from Florence to Amboise, where he spent his last years, via Milan, Venice, Mantua and Rome, with the music played in each city.


Songs and dancesFind out more

Songs and dances Concert A programme full of grace and spice and flavour, with music and songs composed by the great masters of the French Renaissance, and performed in an intimate context, at court, or even outdoors in gardens and bowers.


The Gate of FelicityFind out more

The Gate of Felicity Dialogue The relations that existed in 1453 between the musical culture of the Ottomans and that of the Christian West, and the ways they influenced each other, were the inspiration for this project.

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Roses of IspahanFind out more

Roses of Ispahan Dialogue The concert proposes a dialogue between the Nuovo Stile of Caccini in the early seventeenth century and the classical Persian vocal music.

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Nostalgia for LisbonFind out more

Nostalgia for Lisbon Dialogue The Portuguese soul, as shown through cancioneros and the fado : although these two intimate genres are historically different, they both show the deep emotional state of nostalgic longing known as saudade.


Folias de CubaFind out more

Folias de Cuba Show Energy and charm of Cuban flamenco meet improvisations on the spanish musics in brilliant alchemy.

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La Dive BouteilleFind out more

La Dive Bouteille Show Renaissance cabaret inspired by La Vie très horrifique du Grand Gargantua, père de Pantagruel (Rabelais)

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Monteverdi on trialFind out more

Monteverdi on trial Show Around a Venetian meal, Monteverdi and Artusi discuss the modern music and its imperfections. Will the sweetness of the Tiramisu succeed in moderating the anger of the canon to the scandalous newness that brings the music of Monteverdi?

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Sacred music

Field of the Cloth of Gold - 1520 : a mass for PeaceFind out more

Field of the Cloth of Gold - 1520 : a mass for Peace Concert The meeting for the Field of the Cloth of Gold culminated with the celebration of High Mass. Which was the more impressive: the complex, virtuosic English style, or the French style with its use of wind instruments?


Christmas in Rome : Lauds and OratoriosFind out more

Christmas in Rome : Lauds and Oratorios Concert Doulce Mémoire invite you to attend a prayer vigil in Rome's popular Trastevere district in the early seventeenth century. This music, immediate in its charm, comes within the context of the Counter-Reformation in Rome.


Requiem for the Kings of France Find out more

Requiem for the Kings of France Concert Eustache du Caurroy's Missa pro Defunctis is undoubtedly the most famous requiem mass of the Ancien Régime. In this historic reconstruction, Doulce Mémoire gives to hear one of the most poignant music.

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Music for the Funeral of a Queen of FranceFind out more

Music for the Funeral of a Queen of France Concert On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Anne of Brittany’s death, Doulce Mémoire evokes the splendid ceremonies that were to inspire French royal funerals for several centuries to come.

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Tenebrae for the Saturday of Holy WeekFind out more

Tenebrae for the Saturday of Holy Week Concert The Lamentations of Cristóbal de Morales (1500-53) were sung in the Sistine Chapel. This magnificent and very captivating music serves as the basis for another liturgical reconstruction by Doulce Mémoire, after the Requiem for the Kings of France.

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Lauds - East and West Confraternities Find out more

Lauds - East and West Confraternities Concert In this project a ‘dialogue’ is created between the interpretation of Italian lauds by the musicians of Doulce Mémoire and improvisations on mystical music of Persian tradition by the Iranian artists Taghi Akhbari and Nader Aghakhani.

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Excerpt from our newest release : Le Printemps - Claude Le Jeune

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