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music of the renaissance

26-08-2016 à 8:30 pm

Montmorillon (86)

Festival des Lumières

La Dive Bouteille


In this programme the musicians of Doulce Mémoire achieve their desire to be musicians, actors and dancers, as in Renaissance times. The audience is treated to a joyous, riotous, inventive non-stop entertainment, presenting the important themes of the Renaissance, as developed in the works of François Rabelais (the expression ‘la dive bouteille’, which gives the show its name, is a reference to wine).

Performed in costume by a singer, three instrumentalists (who act as well) and an actor, this show presents music that is mentioned in the works of Rabelais – folk music, dance songs and art music. The composers are those of the court of Francis I. All sorts of Renaissance instruments join in the celebration: zither, lute, Renaissance guitar, cittern, recorders, shawms, dulcina, and even a tournebout (a type of crumhorn).

Philippe Vallepin, actor
Hugues Primard, tenor
Pascale Boquet, lute, renaissance guitar
Jean-Miguel Aristizabal, spinet


Philippe Vallepin, adapt by and stage direction
Olivier Bériot, Séverine Thiébault, costumes
Blandine Ton Van, painted scenery
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders, shawm & direction


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