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music of the renaissance

13-06-2014 à 8:30 pm

Coullons (45)

Les Régents
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La Dive Bouteille


In this programme the musicians of Doulce Mémoire achieve their desire to be musicians, actors and dancers, as in Renaissance times. The audience is treated to a joyous, riotous, inventive non-stop entertainment, presenting the important themes of the Renaissance, as developed in the works of François Rabelais (the expression ‘la dive bouteille’, which gives the show its name, is a reference to wine).

Performed in costume by a singer, three instrumentalists (who act as well) and an actor, this show presents music that is mentioned in the works of Rabelais – folk music, dance songs and art music. The composers are those of the court of Francis I. All sorts of Renaissance instruments join in the celebration: zither, lute, Renaissance guitar, cittern, recorders, shawms, dulcina, and even a tournebout (a type of crumhorn).

Philippe Vallepin, actor
Hugues Primard, tenor
Pascale Boquet, lute, renaissance guitar
Jean-Miguel Aristizabal, spinet


Philippe Vallepin, adapt by and stage direction
Olivier Bériot, Séverine Thiébault, costumes
Blandine Ton Van, painted scenery
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders, shawm & direction


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