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music of the renaissance

26-10-2017 à

Paris (75)

Museum Quai Branly

Show with the chinese shadow Theater


To allow this interaction to take place, we need to find a common space, a space we have all shared: that of childhood. The show we are creating together with Doulce Mémoire and the Shadow Theatre of Changsha will explore this environment and look for the part of childhood that lives on in the actors, the spectators and the art - with all its wonder and sometimes melancholy.  Accompanied by the visual splendour of the Shadow Theatre, we will lend our ear to a repertoire buried deep in our memories: the music of our childhood as it has evolved through popular music and as it has continued to inspire traditional music.  Simplicity is at the heart of the piece: a simplicity which allows each person, whoever they may be, to enjoy a personal experience.

Guiding the play is a structure, a repertoire and a question. 

First the structure: a fairytale. A genre which may have variations but that exists in a similar form from one culture to another like a symbol of shared humanity and of a perpetual yearning for stories.  A genre that harks back to childhood without excluding adults.  A tale without a story teller.  To go beyond the language barrier we will be accompanied by the Shadow Theatre’s fascinating use of rhythm and storytelling without the use of words.   And the new and old music of Doulce Mémoire will help us uncover the missing parts of the tale. 

Next is a repertoire, the songs that have travelled through the centuries and whose origins remain unknown.  Anonymous, preserved in old manuscripts like the Bayeux music or saved from disappearing forever by passionate music lovers who have collected them from the mouths of our ancestors. They have cradled our childhood and soothed our worst pains. These songs, polished through time, mysterious and powerfully emotive will make up the musical repertoire of our show.

And so a question. How was the first lullaby born? A question that is both simple and impossible to answer that pulls the story back towards the music and that above all opens our imagination and our sensitivity.  Embark upon a journey back to your childhood you, filled with opacity and enchantment.

Vanasay Khamphommala

Doulce Mémoire
Clara Coutouly, soprano

Miguel Henry, lute & renaissance guitar
Bruno Caillat, percussions
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders & musical direction

with the Hunan shadow Theater

Vanasay Khamphommala, stage direction
Juliette Besançon, lighting


Excerpt from our newest release : Le Printemps - Claude Le Jeune

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