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music of the renaissance

09-07-2017 à 9:00 pm

Saint-Riquier (80)

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Missa Pro Victoria


 The Missa pro victoria celebrates the ratification of the Concordat in 1517 between the Holy See  and the king of France ; Concordat which gives to the King of France the right to nominate anyone to the most important ecclesiastical emoluments in the the realm : bishoprics, archbishoprics, priories and abbeys, like in Saint-Riquier whose abbot was said abbé commanditaire after its appointment by the Most Christian King.

This mass, based on la Guerre of Clément Janequin, is directly related to the reign of François I.

This programme is centered around the mass, with, in alternatim, the cantors of the Chapel in plainchant and the cantors of the Music’s Chapel : entry and exit processions, intervention of the organ for the elevation.

Motets in big number, like the tre serafin in 12 voices of Guerrero could also be played in order to add variety, with instrumental spagna in 8 and 11 voices of Consenzo Festa and, why not, some fauxbourdon.

All for a colourful ceremony which will magnify as much the pomp of the Holy See as of king of France.

Véronique Bourin, Clara Coutouly, Esther Labourdette, soprano
Matthieu Peyrègne, Olivier Coiffet, altos
NN, Matthieu Le Levreur, tenors
Marc Busnel, Guillaume Olry, bass

And with the particpation of 60 chorus-singers amateur

Elsa Frank, Adrien Reboisson, Johanne Maître, Béatrice Delpierre, Nicolas Ronsenfeld, Jérémie Papasergio, Denis Raisin Dadreshawms, dulcinas, recorders
Rémi Lecorché, Franck Poitrineau, sackbut
Bruno Caillat, percussions


Excerpt from our newest release : Le Printemps - Claude Le Jeune

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