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music of the renaissance

08-07-2017 à 4:00 pm

Noirlac (18)

Les Traversées, abbaye
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The nights of Jaipur


Here two worlds are brought together : that of the ragas, as played in the palaces of North India, and that of ars subtilior, as heard in the fifteenth century at the viscounti court in Milan. The Maharaja of Jaipur and the Duke of Milan required of their musicians the greatest virtuosity, complexity and refinement.

We have decided to juxtapose two « reserved » repertoire (musica reservata) : the indian repertoire and the french repertoire, who have in common the subtilia, the complexity of the ragas and those melodic framework of the hindoustani music who contains numerous rules. Some early occidental modes correspond to indian ragas, which allows some bridges or some loans of short melodic formulas. 

We also have in common a poetic atmosphere : those of alap, non mesured preludes who begins all raga’s exploration, and that permanent feeling in the ars subtilior of a vague rythm, willingly caused by the the distorsion of the melodic part.

A programme that will sweep you away to Satyajit Ray's Jalsaghar.

Véronique Bourin, soprano
Angélique Mauillon, harpe
Baptiste Romain, vièle
Bruno Caillat, percussion
Denis Raisin Dadre, flûte et direction musicale


Sanjay Khan, chant, harmonium
Amrat Hussain, Tabla
Henri Tournier, flûte bansuri, flûtes, octobasse



Excerpt from our newest release : Le Printemps - Claude Le Jeune

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